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Concert cancellations in connection with a new type of coronavirus have left thousands of classical musicians unemployed for weeks and artists who claim to be already living from hand to mouth. As the union prepares to go on the defensive, California school board members are weighing options and considering which areas of the budget could be cut amid the uncertainty. Music stores that once flourished in the Bay Area have disappeared, shipped by chain conglomerates and malls with derivative tastes. Union Music is still a regular stop for professional musicians, but less part of the jazz virtuoso scene.

Students in instrumental music programs can learn instruments in high school, and the current program features bands that start with march, jazz, classical, folk, rock, country, blues, hip-hop and other genres.

Although 2 Chainz is not a union member, his label, like his record label Universal Music Group, has contributed to the union's health and pension benefits. The rapper is a member of UnionCA California, which wants Budden to sign on for himself and everyone else at Universal, Sony and Warner Music Group, whether it's his music or his potential union.

If you are a musician playing on a recording that gets a digital radio, you are entitled to the money. If you are a backup musician or singer on the record and a member of UnionCA California and a union member at Universal, Sony and Warner Music Group, if you play on that record as a backup musician, singer or on one of those recordings that receive a Digital Radio Spin, then you are entitled to that money. Union trade has been featured on several Internet and radio stations, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.

The Spartan Band has participated in numerous California festivals and events and has also traveled to New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. The Jazz Ensemble has attended concerts, met and participated in the annual San Diego Jazz Festival, California Jazz Music Festival and San Jose Jazz Fest. They were twice in the top 20 and were included in the US Chamber Music Association's annual list of the 50 best jazz ensembles.

The current band leader Renee Baker is a graduate of Central School from 1980 and has been in the instrumental music program since high school. She studies choral conducting and holds a PhD in musicology from the University of California, San Diego, USA. In addition to her participation in the George Enescu Festival, she has participated in numerous competitions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans.

She has conducted orchestras in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans, among others. It has also performed in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.

Her longest gig was as a well-known band leader in the Bay Area, when she put together a group playing for a new football team called the Oakland Raiders. Del Simone played for the Raiders for three years, initially as lead singer in the team's first two years of existence, took on the lead role after Courtney's retirement and continued as lead singer and guitarist for another two years after the Raiders moved to Los Angeles.

When New South reformed in 1975, Douglas and Skaggs stayed together and teamed up with Wes Golding and Terry Baucom to form a leading band of young musicians known for their blend of tradition and innovation. In the same year, Douglas joined the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, an association that continues to this day, giving him access to some of the most influential musicians and artists in the world. Since the band's inception, its line-up has included such greats as Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, George Harrison and the Grateful Dead, among others.

As the club scene shifted to rock, pop and top 40 music, while jazz and country faded, Pallazola says, "he began to travel further and further into musical circles through appearances with many of these musicians, and eventually landed a bass job at Union Station in the 1990s. Tyminski has been singing and playing mandolin since he joined the Union in 1994. Jeannie Psomas is a musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, singer and director of music education at the University of California, Berkeley.

She says the club scene in San Diego is as vibrant today as it was when the union was at its peak. Pallazola says only a handful of rock musicians are members of the union, though some nationally known local bands like Beat Farmers and Ratt, now based in Los Angeles, require recording work.

But she says local jazz work is rare and clubs sometimes pay union wages, and musicians would rather accept lower wages than join a union where they would be under pressure to play no less. Finally, Pallazola acknowledges that some musicians are upset when the union asks them to answer for violating the union's bylaws. Some of these frictions emerged last year, for example, when they were fined $100 apiece for two weeklong jobs. Others continue to pay their annual dues of $78 while playing certain record club dates as union musicians, saying they would not be in the unions if they did not play on those dates.

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